About Us

We are the best Dryfruits Suppliers in Telangana And Andhra pradesh

Our  Journeying over 10 years we have developed a unique style.We are specialize as the supply a large range of dry fruits for festivals  and celebrations and retailers also

Pista from Sri Durga Dry Fruits

We at SRIDURGA DRYFRUITS inely trust that clients are in charge of achievement of any association.

We are selling , Almonds, Cashewnuts, Raisin and Still more to be added. We try to give our customers the best of our Services and Quality. This is the reason consumer loyalty is our essential target at SRIDURGADRYFRUITS, Dryfruits & Spices.

We are unequivocally dedicated to give quality products and operations to our customers before conferred time span. Our workforce and experienced group are exclusively in charge of development and achievement of association.